Into The Leaden Sky


It’s not the heat, its the inhumanity

What’s say you?  Do you care about your fellow man or woman? Do you watch the killing of innocent people trying to change their ruthless governments genocidal ambitions on your  TV and wonder….”why don’t those people just revolt and take over their government or call the national guard or send a letter to Oprah and …hey how come my iPhone isn’t working again?”  Is this you? Why don’t more people get up and go over to those countries to try to help their fellow man?

Do you have any of the photos of young children with blood on their clothes standing next to dead children in the street on Pinterest…the latest and greatest social media toy? Do you? Why not? Don’t you want to share the truth along with the fiction? Maybe you could post some of those photos on Facebook or Google + and get your friends to “like” them. If these people who are suffering are not our brothers and sisters… then who are they?

 Malice through the looking glass

As a scuba diver one gets used to the fact that when wearing a dive mask underwater objects appear closer than they really are. It’s not unusual to grab for the ladder that is suspended down into the water from the back of the dive boat to pull yourself up only to find you missed it by four inches. You have to adjust for that. Sometimes when I am watching the political debates on TV I get the impression I am still wearing my dive mask.

We all know that the process of politics is ugly, deals mostly in half-truths and deception. Yet we continue to grab for the truth when in fact it is not in reach. Why do we believe ( or even consider the rhetoric ) that is stated during these debates? Certainly we have the tools to vet all the statements that are made by the politicos. Do we see only what we want to see? Do we hear only what we want to hear?  Are you wearing your dive mask when you watch these creatures?

Ben Dover

Of all the “isms” in the world cynicism may be the most prolific. Cynicism refers to the beliefs of an ancient school of Greek philosophers known as Cynics. They believed that the world belonged equally to everyone, and that suffering was caused by false judgments of what was valuable and by the worthless customs and conventions which surrounded society. Do you believe everyone has an equal share in the world? Or do you believe in I’ve got mine now you get yours?

Parents often find that getting their 2 and 3 year old’s to share is the most challenging issue. Even before reason sets in we are geared toward collection rather than acceptance. So if sharing is a learned trait, then one must be a cynic to perpetuate that process. Right?  Somehow in your mind that premise probably seems counter intuitive. Maybe we just don’t have the ability to grasp the obvious.



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