Apple, Peaches, Pumkin Pie…Whose Not Ready Holler I

All We Need Is A Can

Remember when you could get together with five or ten of your childhood friends, who all lived in the same neighborhood, and play kick the can? Since everyone ate canned food, especially spinach, empty cans were always available. The game was simple. You place the can on a flat surface; the grass, a flat stone surface, the sidewalk or where ever you had a clear path to the can.  Everyone would hide except one person.( kind of like hide and seek). The lone looker would try to find those that were hiding but always keeping the can in sight. When someone would break from their hiding place the goal of that person would be to run as fast as they could and get to the can and kick it before the lone looker could tag them with his or her hand. If the can was kicked, the lone looker would have to hide and the successful can kicker would take their place. And on it was played. Kind of like Worlds of Warcraft without the game console, computer, internet connection, mouse for PC play and the cost of playing on line. Other than that….it was about the same.

Call Of Duty ( kind of )

Playing Cowboys and Indians was a popular non-contact sport for many of us in those days of black and white TV. Because we never had enough money to buy toy guns or bows and arrows, we made our weapons out of wood or just held a stick and pretended it was a rifle. The real problem was that every body wanted to be a cowboy since we all knew from watching all the black and white westerns that the Indians always lost. Of course that issue became more complicated when the Lone Ranger came onto the scene. Having an Indian side kick named Tonto didn’t help our situation. Still, those playing the cowboys always ended up wining the battle…sorry Tonto.

Superman Where Are You Now

Interesting that we all read comic books back in the day ( while the earth’s crust was still cooling ) and never really connected with all the super hero’s that now exist in every aspect of the media. But we did have the man of steel, Superman.  After all, there was nothing he couldn’t do. Fly faster than the speed of sound, more powerful than a locomotive ( that really isn’t that powerful in the scheme of things today), able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Look, up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Superman. I never thought about this then, but if he could fly faster than the speed of sound why would he have to leap at all?  And how difficult was it really to distinguish a bird from a plane?  But he was our hero.

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