Dance Like No One Is Watching


What is it you do in your house, office or special place that no one ever sees you do? Do you have discussions with that imaginary friend? Do you dance or sing to music, pretending to be on a stage in front of a crowd? Do you practice some satanic ritual or stick pins in voodoo dolls hoping to eliminate some certain individuals from the planet? Or do you have those ” man I should have said this” dialogues with the mirror in your room? You are not alone.

I should write this stuff down

I try to walk on the beach every morning…early just before the sun comes up. It is very cathartic and also helps me clear my head. Some of my best ideas and conversations take place between me and the sand crab digging a new hole in the sand. It is amazing how clear and brilliant your conversations can be when there is no one there to respond or comment. The free flowing thoughts and ideas seem to meld together forming a stream of words that you are convinced will carry your idea to anyone and everyone who listens to you. Then, right after you finish the one-way conversation, you immediately forget some of the things you said two minutes ago.. thinking…”man I should write this stuff down,”….and the sand crab you’ve been talking to is now completely down in its new hole.

Young and old alike

There are two times in your life when your silly or quasi-embarrassingĀ  actions are considered acceptable ( at least to some ). FirstĀ  when you are a baby and second when you are a senior ( well-aged senior ). Dancing type movements, no matter how bizarre, by young children is humorous and often encouraged by parents and friends….and the crazier the better. The children see the response from their peers and continue the goofy movements as they love the recognition. Videos are taken with the promise to embarrass you in front of your friends when you get older.

As a senior citizen ( is there a junior citizen?) you are allowed to make an exhibition of yourself at weddings and family functions. This includes trying to dance to the current music beats using 1940’s dance steps or attempting to sing a song from your past that no one recognizes or can’t recognize because you are singing out of tune. Videos are taken with the promise to only show these to immediate family members and/or no one.

Free your mind and your ass will follow

If you have ever been a fan of SNL or Second City, then doing impromptu comedy skits from just a word or phrase is the thing for you. Years ago when I was in high school I had a friend who shared my warped sense of humor and who also had no shame when it came to making up stupid stuff on the fly. We would sit in his basement on chairs pretending we were driving a police car and created really stupid, funny dialogue to fit the scene. At least we thought it was funny.

Using your imagination to be someone or be some place else is a great way to step to the left or right of your current world. Doing something by yourself, for yourself that you would never do in front of anyone is just one way to express your inner self. Just make sure no one has you on on video.



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Jan 06, 2012
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Ned Marona

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Jan 08, 2012
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Don Musilli

Ned: Thanks for the comments on the LitePapr blog. Are you currently writing a blog? If so give me the link to it so I can review your material. If not, you can contact me at at and I can give you some suggestions based upon what your blog concepts.

Don Musilli

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