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Glutton For Gluten

On the days when I’m not writing blogs or working on social media applications for my clients or myself, I work with a local non-profit organization that is centered around sustainability. 8 months ago our organization sponsored a group of local business people who wanted to start a Farmer’s Market to help promote healthy food sources as well as support the local small businesses and the community at large. We started with 10 vendors last November. Today we have 48 vendors. Our markets are on Thursdays….this past one had over 4,000 shoppers, of all shapes and sizes.

Many of the market vendors sell gluten free bakery products, or sugar free, or products with all natural ingredients, and of course the ever popular all organic produce.  A large number the people in our area ( a fairly senior market, many retirees) do have some dietary considerations and they make healthy decisions regarding their purchases. However, there are a large number of these same people that purchase kettle corn, olives and olive oil, breads and pastry right along with their gluten free products.  It’s nothing to see a fat hand attached to an even fatter body reach for a piece of French pastry…two pieces sometimes…or some Italian Cannoli’s….I think next week we are adding a low fat beef jerky vendor.

Fat, Fat The Water Rat

Kids can be cruel. If you are fat and can’ t run very fast you are dead meat in the eyes of the lean and mean pre-teens. When I was younger ( when Conestoga Wagons could only go 10 miles per hour) we had a number of unkind sayings for kids that were fat. Things like…”Hey Howey ( there was always a kid named Howey in our neighborhood) I know how we can get you to lose some weight…we’ll pay the ice cream man to keep on driving.” Stupid stuff like that.

Before you condemn me for being so thoughtless you need to understand something about that time of my life. In those days we played outside from sun up to sun down. We only went back into the house  long enough to eat and lie to our mothers as to where we had been and what we were doing. Very few…and I mean very few kids were fat. In a group of 100 boys and girls maybe 4 were over weight with only one being a tub of lard (another favorite fat expression). So yeah! If we saw a fat kid we figured we owed it to him to hound the crap out of him  about his weight until he looked like us…we were benevolent weight watchers.

I Scream You Scream We All Scream For Ice Cream

Cream..the main ingredient in real Ice Cream. Actually real good, fattening, blow your cholesterol all to hell ice cream was just cold cream. Forget the ice part. Now it’s low fat, no fat, less fat, no sugar, ice milk ( what the hell is that?), no taste gelled liquid in a box or plastic container now available at your friendly food store. The really good stuff is only available on the black market. Let us bow our heads…..

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