All The Way Inn

What’s In A Name

When I was about five years old my Father and Mother were considering getting into the Motel business. This would have been in the very early 50’s so the timing would have been perfect. The new interstate highway system was being built and people were traveling everywhere by car. Unfortunately they never pursued this idea. Too bad, because my father was a good businessman and we would probably have had a chain of Motels slung across the U.S. by now.

At any rate I always thought that if I were to build a Motel or Hotel it would be great to use the name, “All The Way Inn.”  I think the name would stick and people would laugh or give that look of condemnation as they passed the billboards on the highway with the name  printed in big letters…and maybe even a logo. Hmm..I wonder what that would look like?

The Quo With the Quay With the Quivey

I am a big Jerry Lewis fan. I know, many of you probably thought he is more of a slap stick comedian but I always liked his goofy humor. When he did the Tonight show, many years ago when there were just three Networks and Fox was a kid, Jerry had developed this 10 part mnemonic phrasing that he challenged his guests to repeat by hearing it only one time. For some reason I was fascinated by this.  Of course, I am also fascinated at the food dance my Chihuahua does every time I give him a treat. But that is another story.

At any rate, my point is you just don’t see that kind of smart word play anymore when someone is being interviewed on set. I thought I would see more smart word interplay when the politicians started debating each other this year.  But that hasn’t materialized yet…and I don’t expect it to either. Jerry’s mnemonic may be strange but it makes more sense than some of the stuff coming over air waves these days.

My Aphrodisiac Has A First Name

They say imitation is the kindest form of flattery. I thought using a “take off” of the popular Oscar Meyer bologna song for another product would be funny and catchy. The more unusual the product the more clever you can become in penning the words to your new jingle. The possibilities are endless….and you can record it at home and put it on YouTube. It’s kind of the same way Weird Al Yankovic translates new verbiage into iconic tunes.

Come on…you can do it.


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